February 8, 2014 Chiba, Japan

My first snowfall experience.
To begin with, let’s make a recap on how I’m able to set foot on this so-called the Land of the Rising Sun. I’d like to believe that it’s pure luck that brought me there. After passing licensure exam for architects in January 2013, I immediately looked for work. I have high hopes back then and I was determined to follow my dream job (that is to practice my profession on a highly respected company). Few months later, applications after applications, still nothing (like literally nothing). It got me furious and frightened. Until one day a colleague (hi Vicky! haha) invited me to come along to try and apply for an unknown company. Yokogawa sounded strange to us but what caught our attention was their add for qualifications stating “willing to be trained in Japan” (who would say no to Japan anyway? Even as a steel detailer, which we never had any idea of what it was). So I hesitatingly (I badly need a job you know!) took the offer. My friend declined (but of course for a greener pasture as the cliche goes). Unknown to my co-applicants, the manager told me she liked me too much (already) disclosing that I was the one chosen to train in Japan for a year. Like I said, pure luck isn’t it? I haven’t proven anything and yet..

Moving on, back to my snow experience, it was 8th of February 2014, woke up with a call from my co-trainee from the other room bursting and I quote, “Shella gising tingin ka sa labas ang lakas ng snow puting-puti ang paligid ang ganda” >> “Shella wake up look outside it’s snowing hard and everything is white it’s nice”. So I hastily got up (ignoring the biting cold), opened the door from my room’s veranda and went outside. For a minute, I could only stare at it (the roof, the cars, the leaves and the trees) covered in white. It really is breathtakingly beautiful. Only we couldn’t just stare at it, we knew we had to go down and touch it and play with it and savor the moment. And so we did. We walked to the park. Headed to a playground and waited for our turn for the slides and swings. Also throwing at each other balls of snow. Stayed there for hours unleashing the kid in us. None of us went home not until we felt numb due to too much cold. Oh what a fun-filled day it was!

Other former trainees would cry out to me, like some of them were sent during summer, spring or fall season so they haven’t experienced these tiny little ice crystals during their time. While others say, during winter they would have to go to Nagano or any other snowy areas and spend thousands of yen just to witness something like this.
I became, very well, too lucky I guess. “The heaviest snow in two decades” as I quote Japan Today (a reliable online newspaper) struck Tokyo as well as other areas in Japan including Chiba (where I stayed during my one-year training) –posted the very same day we woke up to all is white and lovely outdoors.
For someone who grew up and spent all her life in a tropical country wherein snow is almost impossible to envision, forgive me if I overreacted. But hey it’s my page anyway! Thanks for generously giving time and patiently reading this. See you on the next.

4 thoughts on “February 8, 2014 Chiba, Japan”

  1. That first photo is brilliant.
    I only saw snow in Japan a few times, but each time it was interesting. However, since I am from Canada, snow is not a rare thing for me, but in Japan it seemed different. Maybe because I knew it wouldn’t last.

      1. Someday, I hope it can happen again. I have seen it in winter. I even worked in Koyasan once a week, which was colder than lower lying areas..
        I have never been to a snow festival…but some day.

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