Getting Personal

As for my first blog entry I’d like to write on what’s gonna be the content of this page. Well I’ve got so many ideas in my mind right now but basically it will all be about my life and how I’m taking it (not like dramatically). I’d like to express everything with a light heart. I will share my thoughts concerning my family, my friends, my ambitions, my stirring wheel, my travels, my job and probably anything under the sun that comes right through at a certain time.

I honestly don’t know how long will I able to maintain this blog thing (perhaps I happen to know myself well eh?) but let’s not get there yet as I have just barely started.

So to start off, allow me to bring in a little something of me. I am from a small family of four, which consists of my parents, my older brother (who btw is pretty handsome and is single but I’ll talk more about it sometime on a different blog so watch out for that) and myself. I am an architect by license and currently working for a philippine-based outsourcing company catering exclusively japanese clients. My interests revolve around traveling, baking, extreme (but not too extreme though I’d like to try skydiving haha) activities (that I will detail later on, also to another blog of course) and lot of more other things.

Been thinking if I should put on a purpose as to why am I doing this but I can’t dare say of anything right now. I’m bored? Yes, you can call that. I might as well find out myself as I go on blogging. So until my next penning. Laters, folks!

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