Cherry Blossoms and Beyond

On account of “sakura”, springtime is my best-loved season in Japan. Not to mention the so-so (not too cold neither hot) weather urging us to wander in parks and recreations. Throughout this time of the year cherry blossoms are evident everywhere. They even have revered prophets forecasting when are sakura flowers be in full bloom in random popular places like Tokyo, Chiba, Kyoto etc. Yes they do differ in time (days or week interval) as if each has their own glorifying moment.

Having been to two of the best cherry blossoms spots in Tokyo, Chidorigafuchi and Shinjuku Gyoen (that I’m going to refine later on to another blog entry), I say it extremely is astonishing.

But springtime is the season of growth, flourishing stage of all any other flowers (of all sorts) not just cherry blossoms alone. All of which magnificently casting wonderful variety of colors and showcasing adorable individualities. (I do exaggerate sometimes!)

Below are some of the photos (I have a great deal of it) of flowerings I personally took from the parks (apart from the above-mentioned ones) I was able to visit in March- April 2014 and earlier this year. Appealing or not, you be the judge!

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