Beach Delight

Being in an archipelagic nation, we are overly exposed to plenty of nice beaches. I think it’s clean to say that wherever part of the country you are into, you can reach the nearest of it in about three to four hours (average). It is just fair and in our favor to relish what we have been blessed with. So yes I adore beaches very fondly as much as many other (if not all) Filipinos do.

More reason to fully appreciate is because I have gone through living in a house (my grandparents’) near by the seashore for a time in my teenage years.

My usual mornings are waking up with overlooking view of the sea from the back of our shack. There, I see the sun rays reflecting over the crystal-like glowing clear waters. Savoring the cool sea breeze blowing a kiss around my face. Listening to the waves sounding like music to my ears.

Afternoons are mostly walk by the coast (alone or with a friend) awaiting for the heart-stopping sunset scene while facing the horizon. The sight of it is enough to loosen up from a hard day’s grind. Basking these simple joys and the serenity brought by sand, water, sky and all its entirety are genuine kind of happiness to me.

This isn’t something like life-changing, I know, but if you get the feeling, I hope it inspires you as much as it did to me while having my own moment of “beach delight”.

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