Go Overboard

An acquaintance recently asked me on how do I manage to have time for everything that I’m into. I get it where he’s coming from. He knows I have an eight-hour (normally) day job. Sometimes it requires 10-11 hours depending on how occupied we are. In addition, my usual travel time to and from work is roughly 4 hours. So maybe that’s what made him enunciate such thing and assume that my occupation would left me little time for leisure. And yet he would come upon me baking, blogging, keen on photography, traveling, and freelancing (on certain occasions I do work-from-home –perks of being an architect).

That’s not much it, I reckon we (each person) dissent on what extreme is. Mine would probably be an outdoor adventure like traveling from one point to another by holding on to a freely moving pulley. Right, zip-lining it is! I have experienced it first in Skyranch Tagaytay few years back. Did it with a friend (shoutout to Sheryl!) beside me so it was more like fun to me as a first timer than fearsome. Next was the Avatar One (first in Asia) in Sandbox Adventure Park located in Porac, Pampanga. Can you imagine zip-lining 180 meters down in a roller-coaster style? For the record, it scared the hell out of me not because I was alone but for at some point in the middle of the ride the pulley stopped. Someone has to throw a rope up on me which I need to catch and hold tight just so he could pull me a bit until the pulley started working again. Still I enjoyed it!

More of Sandbox, I also did the aerial walk, an obstacle course using sturdy ropes built off the ground. I have survived their 10meter high giant swing too. My heart somewhat ceased beating and thought for a moment l have almost lost my soul from the sudden release. Not too long and I’m relaxed as it started rocking me back and forth. There’s also this 15-meter high adventure tower where one can wall climb, rappel and free fall. Out of the three, I only did rappelling. Here I had to cut some hair strands off that were stuck in the rope (due to carelessness, I should have tied my hair first).
Besides above-mentioned, I love ATV driving as well. This easy-control, penny-worth exhilarating ride feeds the hunger for speed and adrenaline. What makes it more commendable is the reward of scenic panoramas along or at the end of the trail. It’s so addictive that I actually have done it thrice. In Bohol around chocolate hills, in Bicol with the view of perfect-cone shaped Mayon volcano and in Tarlac going to Tambo Lake.

Another unforgettable adventure of me was the skywalk. This is the famous 360degree walk in a glass floor panels around the edge of 40-storey Crown Regency Hotel (tallest building in Metro Cebu). Being at the top enables you to have a good eyeshot of the whole city. If you do it at night, which I did, the sight of city lights from above is incredible.

And then a year ago, there’s Caliraya Resort Club in Laguna. I recalled it celebrating my birthday with my family. They offer similar facilities like giant swing and zip-line. I was oblivious enough not to do it over and again. Indecisively, I took my audacity to a new level. I braved their 80-feet cable-suspended sky bicycle. It was spine-chilling but just as much as liberating. Oh did I mention their super slide? it’s a must try too (did it twice!).

The excitement heightened when I had the chance to hop on an open-cabin Skyride in Sentosa Singapore. See these men looking so felicitous, they were just right behind us so I was able to snap a photo of them (I apologize for posting). Not only that, I’ve kicked up the rush into playing and riding the Luge in a 1.2km track. True to their ad campaign, once is never enough.

After all of these, I told myself, I’m good. I’m finished. I’m done. But here came snow skiing. On the spur of the moment, I’m on a high again. It was a “maybe” once-in-a-lifetime endeavor for me. Here’s the catch, I fell off the highest slope straight down to where the starting point of the lift (use to bring skiers up). It was a hard fall and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I imagined I was dying. Luckily, not my time yet I believe, no injuries acquired not even a single scratch.

Does it finally end here? I guess not. Great outdoor adventure awaits you. Don’t dread on knowing and seeing life. Go overboard. I myself would love to paraglide or skydive someday!
“Because you can and you will”. Cliché. I know but what could be better than encouraging words? Admit it or not, we long to hear it either when gothroughing something and wanted to forget (not now please!) or into accomplishing never-done-before kind of stuffs. And if one day you decide to shake off your frights, know that I’m there pepping up for you!

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