Modern Day Nirvana

Leaving home for the first time is both horrific and thrilling. It was August of 2013 when I departed for Japan in compliance for work. My adaptation for this new environment started really slow. For instance, English, a common language, is hardly spoken except in other parts of Tokyo. I lived in Chiba by the way (adverted from a previous blog). Although I barely understand them, locals without a doubt are very heartwarming. Perhaps because they smile a lot.

One Saturday morning, my co-trainees (yes I wasn’t alone, there were 6 of us), settled to bike around. I had to passed up on this as biking excludes my expertise (alright I don’t know how really and yes I did sky bicycle only because it’s cable-suspended). Arrived back to our apartment, they spoke about the places they went to. However, what really caught my attention was this not-so-far-away (according to them) park called Aoba no mori. They sounded like it’s an entertaining place to see.

My curiosity being preyed, I went on a stroll to locate it. I found it after walking for 25 minutes, (thanks to google map). Avowedly, it’s a very interesting spot. It is a huge park for diversion, nature jaunting and Japanese culture cognisance.

The ambience instantly felt like ménage. Where I can be myself. Where I can do what I want not minding of what people will think of me. See my mimics below. About 2-3 locals were looking at me while doing so but I couldn’t care less. It has somehow taught me the value of freedom (with limitations).

Falling upon a crib amidst everything foreign was reposeful. Dope as it may seem, to me this was the closest I can get to home.

Since then, in whatever mood I am, I would ran into this cradle to loosen up. It has brought me peace, happiness and contentment all at once. Indeed a modern version of nirvana.

Salute to Japanese people for their fast-paced technology yet still so exquisite in preserving and keeping everything intact from their language to their culture, traditions and recreations.

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