Love Lost

How did we get here?

It’s a question I cannot answer.
And so i looked back on how we started.
Rereading the conversations that we had.
It’s like whirlwind. It happened so fast.
It was overwhelming.
And it was beautiful.

And then here I am.
Telling myself I should have tried harder.
I could of been better.
I could have been more understanding.
But I didn’t. I gave up on you.
However, I still can.
I will if only you ask me to.
Yet you didn’t.
You said goodbye instead.

Maybe love isn’t always mutual.
Isn’t always happily ever after.
Isn’t always never giving up.

Sometimes love is a sacrifice.
A selfless kind.
Or is it really love?
A love lost..? Maybe.

Something random today. I’ve just retrieved this from my notepad. What was I thinking back then? Attempted in modifying this but kept it as it is, respecting my free flowing mind from the past.

4 thoughts on “Love Lost”

  1. Maybe you could write a counter-piece….how you feel at the moment of writing (about this particular time, or about something similar now). I like the idea of not modifying the past, but rather, reflecting on it with today’s eyes.

      1. I can’t speak to improved….but at least different, though hopefully improved/better/ more…’s hard to find adjectives without value judgements….

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