Possibly Someday

You whom she wakes up each morning with
You whom she’s preparing clothes and breakfast for
You whom she kisses after driving her off to work

You who arbitrarily texts to check up on her
You who calls when job seemed to torment her
You who is a worrier when she sounded not okay

You whom she longs to chat with on a lunch break
You whose image she doodles on some lame days
You who picks her up when work is done

You whom she dines and watches chick flicks with
You whom she delivers a prayer with every night
You whom she sleeps next to and dreams about

You whom she sneaks up a photo with while walking on a park one Saturday morning
You whom she worships with on Sundays
You whom she programs her travels with on holidays

You whom she considers her best friend and confidante
You whom she had hoped of never having to say goodbye to
You whom she believed she’s capable of loving to eternal and beyond

You whose name is yet to be known
When the time is right
Someday I’ll write about you
Possibly someday.

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