Christmas Wishlist

One trademark of the fast approaching holiday season is when the vibe starts very Christmassy everywhere. As for mall decorations, hearing songs of carols, exchanging gifts, parties and reunions all over and of course the food in each of these festivities or just the beatific aura of generosity amongst each other. But above all these, we can never forget giving treats and presents for the kids coz you know what they say, “Christmas is for children.”
On the other hand, us young adults, how do we want this time of the year for us? Facts of life. In unification, let’s admit that we too have our outlook for this season. Oh and wishlist? Giving out mine below.

  1. Random call from someone least expected
  2. Overnight chitchat and chick flicks with girlfriend(s) from high school
  3. Road trip and long drive (with a workmate or just anyone with a car haha)
  4. Karaoke til dawn with college friends (now colleagues)
  5. Photowalk and learn more about snapping
  6. Fuddle all night with my cousins
  7. Find and meet new friends
  8. Share something for less fortunate kids
  9. Shop for myself
  10. Pen more blogs
  11. Make peace with anyone I have hurt or offended
  12. Attend a reunion
  13. Food haunting with my brother
  14. Beach vacation with my family

    Sounds strange and weird? I know. That’s who I am. My list actually goes on like flying out for an unplanned travel or date someone perhaps? Only if it ain’t too much to ask. Well it’s never too early nor too late for your own list!

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