A Dumb Who Never Mattered

She has been taken for granted so long
So long she can’t even count the years anymore
She has been a second option never a priority
she doesn’t even know how to become one at all

So when finally someone walk into her life
Making her the main character of the story
Forgetting her fears she gladly entertain
This foreign feeling she didn’t know exists

Beyond a shadow of a doubt
Her heart filled with great joy and hope
This is never going to end she thought
Not until one day everything changes

Signals are so clear yet she chose to be blinded
With memories and how it pleases her senses
She gambled in keeping and clinging into
Ignoring the truth of uncertainties

And she doesn’t know what hurt more
Being an option and be taken for granted
Or making her a priority then leave her hanging
As if she’s a dumb who never mattered

Or maybe it’s just all in her mind
Illusions she’d carefully drawn
Just like a dream, too good to be true
But now a nightmare, too worst to remember

And so with this self inflicted pain
There is no cure and no one else to turn to
She then buried everything to the ground
Saving all that is left for herself

Note: Featured image was taken by me but whoever she is (I know her personally), she has nothing to do with this writing much more of the title itself. I just thought the emotions captured in this photo suited perfectly well for my piece.

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