HK Trip Part 1: Kowloon

June 22, 2017. It was my first time in Hong Kong so my cousin fetched me at the airport. Benevolent as she is, she also offered me to stay in their flat while I was there which I thankfully accepted. It was night time when I arrived and we took the bus going to causeway bay (where she lives). I barely seen anything as we are chatting the whole trip but it was hard not to notice the skyline when we passed by a bridge.

Seeing by the window all these beautiful colourful tall buildings, I immediately put kowloon (that my cousin told me where I could have a better view of those) on top of my list to visit.

The next day, my first morning in Hong Kong, I boarded a train going to Central. After a fair walk from the station, I reached the pier where I took a ferry ride bound to Tsim Sha Tsui.

My first stop after getting off was the 1881 Heritage showing a Victorian-era. Interestingly, this used to be a Marine Police Headquarters. It holds a number of monuments, one of which was the Time Ball Tower. The concept was to drop the ball at exactly 1pm (which they manually raise every morning) notifying vessels in Victoria harbor to recalibrate before sending them off to other parts of the world.

I persevered to climb the old building up to see what’s inside and while in there I’ve managed to flick a photo.

Moving on, I led myself to Kowloon Park. It’s a public park with a vast area for leisure and cultural services. Here I’ve seen an arcaded building formerly British Army barracks now restored as Heritage Discovery center.

Furthermore, scarcely keeping an eye on time, I passed by the gardens, aviary, fountain lake and bird lake. I have also observed a large swimming pool and a sport center as I stepped farther.

After leaving my footmarks at the park behind I was set to discover more in Hong Kong Museum of History.

In my country I’ve always liked visiting museums as it allows you to travel back in time.

Similarly, this museum astounded me with their intricate exhibits from pre-historic to modern day times.

Every corner was one to learn from and relish. Once again I lost track of time.

It was so unfortunate for me that the Avenue of Stars was close at the moment for a major renovation until end of 2018 because that’s where I’m supposed to steer to. However, they relocated some of the most popular statues to Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Podium Garden which later on called as Garden of Stars.

Temporarily it became a tourist attraction in replacement of Avenue of Stars. I remember I bumped into a solo Japanese tourist who asked for a photo with Bruce Lee’s statue which I then called to return the favor and we both willingly obliged.

Good thing I’ve been taught at work a little of their language.

I continued in locomotion till my feet brought me to the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui and arrived at another landmark, The Clock Tower.

The location was near Victoria Harbor with a side of it facing the Victoria Peak across the other side of the coast. And since it was almost dark when I got there, I decided to find a spot at the promenade with a grand view of the Hong Kong Skyline (one of the finest in the world I’ve read). It was a piece to capture for shutterbugs (I’d like to include myself in).

For the highlight of my Kowloon trip I waited for the Symphony of Lights presenting the Skyscrapers’ synchronized searchlights, lasers and LED screens providing a magnificent show for us spectators.

Proud to say that I was able to survive and enjoy all these by myself and only just by walking from one point to another. Kowloon has so much more to offer though. It’d be nice to pay another visit by any chance.

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