Typical Filipino Christmas. We are known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world which normally starts with “BER” months. As early as September the season’s spirit is already felt throughout the entire country. You’ll hear carols playlists on the radio. Some rushing to retail stores doing early gift shopping. Houses are decorated with lanterns and lights. Families put up their Christmas trees inside their homes together.

It wasn’t far different in our family. Only that we start decorating late as December. And when I say “we” it just pertains to my mama mostly. When she replaces the curtains into vibrant colored ones, we knew it’s that time of the year again. My papa would hang a lantern and overlay it with colourful Christmas lights outside our house. And that was just it. And then we would go to church together for our “Misa De Gallo” yearly tradition.

We never really had a Christmas tree back then. Let alone ate a Noche Buena. We don’t stay up late and wait for 12 midnight to fancy eat. My brother and I never did. Our parents would usually tell us to sleep early so the next day when we wake up it’s Christmas already and we will open the gift if there is. Gift in our own understanding that time would actually mean candies (mainly) and a little of chocolates. This wasn’t much. Still we are grateful. We sleep under a roof and we have food on our plates. This was Yuletide for us.

I guess when you aged, you can’t keep yourself from being nostalgic. These realizations came in yesterday when I went to the mall to get myself something for Christmas. Though I ended up buying for someone(s) else instead. I understood I have all year round to gift myself so I thought let this season be for others. Glad I have completed buying stuffs for everyone on my list.

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