Last of 2017, First of 2018

Last night I spent the final hour of 2017 cleaning up a small area in the house designated only for myself. It’s a spot with no one else’s belongings but myself. I also consider it as my workplace, either doing a hobby (writing a blog or simply listening to depends-on-my-mood kind of music) or freelancing. This is clearly my favorite place of all places in the world (apart from my bed of course).

As I go on cleaning, every stuff has memory worth reminiscing. Below are some of them:

This snow globe was my Christmas gift few years back for my friends at work. Unknowingly bought one excess which I kept for myself.

I brought this kimmidoll collectible home from my first job assignment in Japan. I actually took home two, only that I have given the red one to a former workmate.

This “One Piece” key chain was a souvenir gift from an officemate assigned from his first business trip in Japan.

This small pen was another give-away for workmates. It came from my first travel in Singapore which I had to buy one for myself too.

This key chain is a present from a good friend and colleuge who is base in Dubai now.

This is a pocket mirror from one of client’s bosses. This is actually called “CHOKIN” in Japan, meaning a traditional art of metal decoration.

A must have when visiting tokyo tower. It’s exhilarating that you can personally carved your name or whatever you want on it. The coin cost ¥400, the chain is ¥200 and then pay ¥50 for your name or initials or personal note.

This keychain I took home from my recent trip in Hong kong holds a special part in my heart. A young deaf and mute Chinese man who happens to support his studies by selling keychains offered me this. Being bought for a cause is what makes its worth.

Emotions ran by as I go through each valuables. Yes I call them valuables as for me they are priceless. Somehow a portion of me is made out of them.

Funny how I realized I don’t want to let go of 2017 just yet. It’s difficult when you are actually still holding on to something from behind. Though the unstoppable 2018 still has arrived and we are on its first day now. Perhaps that’s how it is, no matter how you persist on things to stay the way they are you still has to move on. We shall face the reality of how changes happen and blend in. Choices are to hang on to memories or let go and hope to make notable better ones.

It is however entirely different when it comes to attachment to people. People who has an involvement to you and you have invested into. It is way harder (for me).

So, my last of 2017 was being emotional and my first of 2018 is blogging about it. I feel like (while writing this) I’m actually putting too much pressure or giving myself an ultimatum to decide of which choice shall I precautionaly choose.

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