Cry Baby

Often I am told that I have such a strong personality. Those whom I met for the first time would say that I am intimidating and standoffish. Also acquaintances from work very much know about this. And I get that. I admit it is my reticence quite made that first impressions. I do have a strong conviction of not minding other people’s lives and businesses especially when it don’t concern a bit of myself.

What they don’t know behind my nonchalance is that I’m a cry baby. I would weep over simple things like drama themed movies, tv series, documentaries or a touching news program (so I’d rather watch alone lol). I would even cry (sometimes) in a conversation particularly in sensitive family issues. You won’t ever want to see how I was when my brother first left home for work. We had to send him off to the airport and I went straight to school right after. As I was on my way to the university I couldn’t keep my tears from falling. Until late night that day I was sobbing. That was just one instance and there’s so much more to narrate.

Fastforward to present, comes Monday I will depart for Japan. Yesterday I went to embassy for visa application and tomorrow I’ll be picking up my passport. Being the cry baby that I am, emotions heightened. No I didn’t weep yet but surely almost there. I guess I’m just not ready or I’m never ever going to be, each time I have to leave. Bittersweetly.

Be that as it may, I’d like to focus on my gain. I see this is an opportunity, with a new environment, to move forward. Taking a break from the usual routine and forget things that should be forgotten. Also looking forward to my off weekends, enjoy everything Japan– Tokyo specifically (Nomikai! Haha) has to offer and to fingers-crossed blog about it all. To top it off, hoping to redeem myself and be back to the free-spirited person that I am.

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