A Walk Through Chiba

Yesterday my migraine was triggered by me doing all the chores in the house ensued to skipping my lunch meal. Therefore, I thought I’d just stay and rest today since it’s holiday in observance of Japan’s National Foundation day. Yet again, I got too bored doing nothing so I took a midday stroll. I never had an idea where but I knew I had to get going. I imagined a long trip wouldn’t be practical as I only have half of the day left so I settled to somewhere near. Not be long after googling, I learned that there are many interesting things to do and explore in Chiba.

I have been wanting to visit Chiba castle a.k.a. Chiba City Folk Museum as I’m always fascinated by exhibits showcasing history and rich culture. Though it’s Monday (mostly museums are close), with no hesitation I went forward to see it. From Soga station, I rode the train and get right off to next stop which is Hon-Chiba. From there, I walked and took turns for about 13-15mins to reached my destination. I’m aware that I might not be able to come inside but I believe I have more chances of taking better photos if there’s not much of people around.

True enough I was the one and only person when I got there apart from those who were passers by.

After a decent number of snaps, satisfied with each of them, not far from the castle I found an eyeshot of a restaurant. Delighted with the scenery, I stopped there for awhile not to eat but to appreciate the vista.

The trellis covering the walkway caught my attention that I had to take photo of it.

“It isn’t too bad to have the whole place by yourself was it?”, I dared say and then walked off with a grin.

Few minutes later jaunting by foot, I arrived at Chiba Shrine.

Unlike any other shrines and temples I travelled to (Meiji Jingu, Asakusa and Narita) this one is slightly less spacious. Thus, every corner has this strong sense of peace and solemnity. The spot is very quiet and people go there to truly worship.

Not what I expected but there are only few tourists like me who were there to check it.
Torii~ normally a gateway to shinto shrine. This one is just a replica and situated before a bridge.
I managed to perambulate the whole place in less than half an hour including taking of photos.

It may not be as vast as any other tourist attractions, Chiba Shrine is worth the call especially when you want to contemplate or just to observe how Japanese worship (traditionally). The whole unplanned trip only took less than three hours, still it has made my day. I was ecstatic taking advantage of the holiday and exploring the neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “A Walk Through Chiba”

  1. I always liked finding quiet Japan. I remember having a shrine in ……halfway between Wakayama and Shirahama……the name is not coming to me.
    It was so nice there sometimes. We had the beach to ourselves just after sunrise, and we had the shrine to ourselves.

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