Adobo Pan Inspired by Japan’s Curry Pan (カレーパン)

This blog will give a little twist on us Filipinos’ best-loved dish~ our very own chicken adobo. A slight information about this dish is it’s basically chicken boiled in vinegar and soy sauce with garlic and black pepper. Others put laurel leaves, potato and many others to enrich its flavor.

As for this gimmick, you can use leftovers. Or merely cook the usual adobo first, like I did. After seeing on Japan television how they make カレーパン (curry pan), the idea of doing it myself automatically bugged out of me. I recognized it strange using curry though, so I thought of doing it with adobo instead. If you too would like to try this adobo pan, follow these easy steps.
To start off, shred chicken or simply debone.

Add some sauce. Do not overly do it since we do not want it dripping. Just the right amount to maintain natural taste.

Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon. This is to bring more relish. If you notice most of dough products has it.

Prepare loaves of bread. Peel off its edges taking away its brown part.

Crush the pieces removed from the loaf and set aside.

Put a good amount of shred chicken adobo with cinnamon over one loaf of bread.

Cover with another loaf. Moist each sides with water before pressing with your fingers to close it.

Dip into beaten eggs and dunk over crushed loaves after.

Fry each side for a minute and a half.

Serve hot. Enjoy your crunchy adobo pan.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and wish to do this on other dishes you may do so, as long as it doesn’t have too much sauce in it.

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