Loosen up, Let Live

The world has gone mad
And it has taken its toll
Seeking for answers
As to why and how should we
Still live and breathe

They are moving in so fast
Not able to contain them all
And then we are trapped
And detained and doomed
To the verge of agony and pain

Drowning from implicit tears
Suffocating beyond this silence
Overpowering heart’s pounding
None is clear but darkness
Ascertain to mislead the soul

Perceiving the light behind
For the desire of hope to unfold
Could it be any better?
Free from the depths of despair?
Mending this broken way of life

Blackness doesn’t delineate
The entirety of each day
There ain’t gonna be a time
That the sun won’t ever shine
Heads up the future is yet to deal

This might be a result of me engrossing myself into a suspense thriller American TV series. I have been watching it over the past few weekends that I’m not able to write for some time now. I know it is not good and I hated myself for it. But here’s the real thing, it is during the darkest hour of our lives that we tend to forego. When that happens find every single reason to continue the journey and move forward. Don’t let fear and overthinking spoil the fun. Loosen up, let live.

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