You Are Not Enough

You can never force anyone to do
Something they are uncomfortable with
Yet you cannot lower your standards
You don’t want to settle
Lesser than what you deserve
And all that is left to do
Is see them walk away from you
You wanted to stop them
You could have utter aloud
What they long to hear
That you are sorry
Or that you will make it up to them
That it is okay to break your own rules
That they are worth it
But you doubted yourself
You are not enough
Someone better out there is waiting for them
So then you chose to whisper instead
That only you can hear those words
Hoping for life of a fortune unfolds for them
And now that the odds are gone with them
You are all but alone
Submerged with your own tears
And an overpowering pride

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.