Someday, Somehow

Was she really the one that got away? He hopes not. No matter how multiple times she turned him down, he believes she’s still his.

Just like couple of years ago. They were inseparable. They would spend a day looking at each other in silence yet even basked every second of it. Some days were spent with leisure walks in the park while he put his arm around her waist. Those soft gentle kisses in the morning, those short films they watch, those captivating rainbow they see every after pouring rain and those warm cuddles at night are some of their pastimes amongst many that they gleefully shared. She was his clingy little bear. He thought she was the cutest when she all of a sudden say things like,

“I like how you make me feel safe”

“How can you actually cook better than me?”

He was loved. But fate meddle and powerfully made its way through. She found out his infidelity. Everything they worked and dreamed of together was ruined. Regretful as he may be, there are encounters from the past that he can’t possibly undo.

Had he been honest and good as every bit to her, would it all the same be as it’d been before? He isn’t sure. However he’s been constantly taking his chances on her. Attempting to win her back,

“My feelings for you was always true, I did love you and I always will” he declares.

Though she’d try and change the topic whenever.

“Was I that bad?”, he asked.

“What do you think? You should know it yourself”, she teased.

“Okay I was that bad, sorry for all the hurt”, he acknowledged.

“But you know me. I will not stop until you marry someone else or me”, he persists.

Not be long and he is pushing his luck again,

“Come back to me”, he says.

“Let us just be friends.”, she told him.

“Could we ever move on from being friends?”, he questioned.

She was quiet.

“I am only asking for a chance, you know I can wait for you until you are ready.”, he continued.

Now four long years has gone by since they parted ways. Despite her being so distant, cold and unforgiving, he is optimistic to still pick up from where they left off. Someday, somehow.

Shoutout to a friend (Jomar) and his friend who shared my other story in their fb accounts. I hope to hear your thoughts on this one too. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.