Rise Up

When you are confused of something, they often say “go for whatever makes you happy”. But what if your happiness doesn’t want anything to do with you at all? Let go.

How long has it been? Days, weeks or months? Just another one of your relationship setbacks you thought? Exculpation maybe? How much more time you needed to wake up? Stop defending your place, who you are or who should you be for that person. Why fight for it afterall, if that person is the one asking you to discontinue and quit? Struggling shouldn’t be on your own, should be both of you. If not, letting go might be the only option. Not because you want to but because that’s what the other person is asking from you. Even if it’s killing you inside. Be the one who has a greater heart. Give until you can’t afford anymore. And when you’re on the edge, stop holding on to something you’ve already lost.

Liberate yourself and don’t wait. Don’t ever wait, don’t depend your decisions to anyone because no one is asking you to do so. Never dwell on your past. Do what you need to. Cry non-stop. Curse. Scream. Hard days won’t be that long. Soon afterwards, pick up the pieces and then move on. Run free. Rise up.

It won’t be easy-peasy. Roads maybe rough and tough. Yet consider that you’ll make it through. A day in your life will come when you are going to blank out, perhaps not everything but most of it. Taking your time, slowly getting there. Later on, finer days are right up ahead of you. Don’t be shaken. Braved out the factors and things will be put into its proper places.

And why is it so much easier to say all these but harder to work out?