Passenger’s Seat

My love RA,

More often than not we would go on petty fights over the smallest possible matter(s). But then again (over and over) we would patch things all up like none of them had ever happened. I don’t know if it’s still normal or not (anymore). We struggle. You’re easily losing temper whenever affairs don’t occur in your favor or on how you imagined and planned it would be. But I know how much you’re trying. I want to ask you to be more patient and calm into dealing with it.

Disappointments and dissatisfactions are natural. Like it or not, they are facts of life. In so many times i would go short and fail you (just as much as I would try not to still I would), so as early as now I ask for your forgiveness.

As you know, we are far two different persons (though I would like to destress on that!). We are not alike yes, yet our hearts are enchained with love and respect. I can sense. We are greater than all the battles that we are or we may be facing. Together we will fought for breath and win them all.

One day, if both faith and fate permits, we are one in heart and soul. By this time, I wish we won’t ran out of road trips and crazy rides together. Like that on a stop light, I would literally stare at you then you would ask me “why”. Sometimes it’s the other way around and you’d answer witlessly. On a more serious note, I loved it when out of nowhere you’d just spill and declare your love for me. Thank you for being always so sweet. Those were just few of our best memories. I do hope and pray that you still want me on that passenger’s seat someday like you do today. I love you beyond measure.

Forever yours,