Relationship Over Personal Space

3D modelling. Reading. Blogging. Baking. Solo jaunting. Pampering e.g. foot spa and facial treatment. Drop by a hairstylist for a trim or new hair cut. Trips to bank for personal savings. Commuting to and from work or home. A world built by no one else but you. Feeling at ease and expedient to express yourself. In which you put in so much effort inducing it into an escape crib.

How will it be like departing from your domain? Particularly, when you used to do all these things for yourself and all by yourself then all of a sudden losing control of everything. Is it even worth reckoning?

All because of someone who had broken down the walls. Claiming to be the one you most deserve. The person who positioned you in a pedestal and opt to revolve his universe around you. Who willingly lets you in, in both his value and fuss. Who generously gives his all, time especially. Who swallows his pride in each argument you two partake in. Who says sorry regardless of whose mistake. Who takes extra effort seeing you smile. Who complains about you gaining weight still makes you eat all the sweets you crave for. Who worries of you getting home safe. Who constantly reminds you of how beautiful you are even only after waking up. Who eagerly listens from your rants about work and life. Who ensures you’re okay in spite of him being sick himself. Who ingests your flaws and embraces all that you are. He who treats you like no other, extraordinarily.

Truly home alone is rest to a weary heart and soul. But when the time is right are you prepared to waive? Or the least apportion your personal space? If and only if, for someone uptight, why not. No he ain’t perfect. He doesn’t have to be. He can be annoying, silly and irrational just as much or at some point lose his temper over minor differences. Understand though not to tolerate. Know that change is inevitable. So are transition periods. Learn to compromise. Also your relationship is not base on anyone else’s tale. Neither a race. Theirs isn’t for you to keep up. Produce a master copy of your story in however pace convenient for you. Lastly, love tirelessly.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.