Dearly Missing You

Routines at home, at work, et al

Attempting each day back to normal

It was though arduously heartrending

As if consistently at every point hurting

Waking up without you as my first sight

Not like how my usual morning habit was

Eating breakfast made out of love at dawn

Then later drive around with the radio on

In search of good food or a beer to toast

Unmindful of how much time together we lost

And to cap the night off with a gentle kiss

With eyes shut feeling the comfort and bliss

Through your arms and warmth of bosom

Sound asleep as we are each other’s home

Now what else could be more horrendous

Than 280 days being apart more or less

Being forgotten is even worse

If not a wicked awful curse

So as not to be carried away by grief

The only thing left to do is believe

Before long when it is all over

Me and you will again be together

Oh what in the world have I been thinking

Guess I just dearly missing you so darling

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.