Do you ofttimes cerebrate? Does your mind frequently wanders from a certain situation to another and another until it lead you to somewhat unuseful thoughts? And then you begin fantasizing what could possibly happen next? Finishing off to the least favorable outcome? All of a sudden things became so imperceptible. We are on the same boat. Perhaps many others are too.

Though it is not strictly destructive, say thinking big somehow teaches us to assess occurences beforehand in a more logical manner >>least this is where I desire to go for. I believe in most cases it is, especially as to being in a relationship.

Social media is one great deal of a factor nowadays. Wherein we found couples defying the norms and sweeping up the odds. Please don’t get me wrong. They’re cute and totally inspiring. But do we really need to adopt them as standards of society with regards to personal relationships? And when our partners don’t comply we begin doubting them. Feeling so less important and dissatisfaction slowly taking hold of everything. Cross questioning how committed truly (madly deeply) are they with us? In which we get so sceptical. Stimulating our minds to overthink. Forgetting that they are not the ones we idolized on someone else’s social media posts. So why forget their own unique means of showing devotion to us? Worst accused the other person of cheating on us? Speculative of all their actions (be it in social media or not) even the slightest ones. Instantly turning it into a bona fide dilemma.

Later on we demand for assurance. Some of us get so lucky that their “better halfs” happily obliged while others don’t that they decided to rather let go and called it quits. Yet what do we do to ward this off before it gets into our heads first? I do not know honestly.

I for instance made myself unfriend my boyfriend on facebook. But of course He didn’t even notice until I told him so. He asked me to take it back yet I firmly said no. I cannot acknowledge this as a well-thought-out decision for sure considering that we are on a long distance relationship (for now). However barely noticing what he posts or likes and only knowing what he says or do first hand from our personal conversation is quite one to accomplish overthinking. It is both hard and fulfilling at the same time as it helped us build trust towards each other more. So far we are doing just fine and I am hopeful (yes “I” because he, stubborn like a child, still insists that I should accept his friend request once again) that it is better for us this way. We are indeed not the ideal duo but we are simply “us”. We are original.

As much as we admire other match-made-from-heaven pairs declaring affection, imagine establishing yours with every terms of your own. Work up with your mate and indite an incomparable tale that belongs to no one but you.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

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