Finding the right person is complex. Sometimes it is a roller coaster ride. Yet sometimes it is slack sailing. However it maybe to a certain point we surely have crossed path to what I called as our almost-the-one. No they are not the ones that got away as popularized by others. They are good men with good traits but had fallen short for some reason. So if you’re ready to know more I have listed some below. Let’s see if somehow any of you can relate.

• Sweet and gallant -but never brought you in to his home

• Ambitious and experimental- but never includes you to his plans

• Deep and creative thinker- but always been distant to you

• Adventurous and outdoorsy- but his escapades always comes first before you

• Instrumentalist and affectionate- but too sensitive with what you say or do

• Smart and sophisticated- but impudent when talking to you

• Domestic and tractable- but barely speak when you’re around

And the list goes on. Depending on our personal encounters as we differ in identities and environs that we live in or exposed to.

I thought I should say beware of them shams. Rather I rede, play the game wittily. Realizing all these people kind of helped in leading us to our true destiny. We have set our standards because we learned from them who failed us. We knew our worth better as to how others have wronged us. We didn’t settle for what’s only in front of us but on what was beyond. And so we met someone who perfectly fits with our imperfections– no other than our real “The One”.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author.

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