Yet Again Not Be Long

Only about more than a week and I’ll be flying to Japan again. Just like my previous trips (it’s my fourth now) same with students preparing an impending exam I do still cram.

Though hesitation is a portion of it simultaneously my heart is filled with great fervour too. I somehow look forward in escaping from the hustle and bustle city of Manila yet upholding it upon brisk urban streets of Chiba once more.

Lured with the thought of living through the freezing cold weather again engenders chills on my bones as early as now. To be able to flash winter apparels underneath a possible snowfall shakes me up as well. Cherry blossoms during springtime is another prime killer too. Not that I haven’t dig into this year’s sakura in full bloom forecasts, however I’m so very turn on now! Also not to mention the shrines and other notable places Japan is renowned for that I might be able to visit. And oh how can I almost forget about authentic ramen? It has always been one of my main reason why I can never say no whenever I am asked to be sent there back again.

Hoping these are enough to forget what is this worrisome job training assignment all about this time around. Well there’s no way I won’t, yet again I simply intend to know more not be long.

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