I used to wake up to

The sound of the waves

With glistening arrays

Obstructing my blurry sight

As the glorious sun arise

Passing through the holes

Of palm made earthy walls

Of an aged-old shack

Still giddy I hear folks talk

But the waves overpower

As though calling me over

So I rise up towards outside

Sluggishly I cannot hide

Looking at the gleaming sea

Delightful to the eyes truly

With the cool ocean breeze

Gently blowing me a kiss

Thus half asleep no more

Blessed to watch such glamour

Those were yesteryears

I have lived and left oh dear

How my mornings were once made

Do these bygones come to an aid

Healing the depth of longingness

How else should that be but reminisce

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author.

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